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Delhi gurdwara election results: Live News Coverage

January 29
16:44 2013

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Akali Dal (Badal) wins Delhi gurdwara polls

Shiromani Akali Dal (Badal), backed by the Bharatiya Janata Party, Wednesday swept the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) elections bagging 37 of the 46 seats.

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Badal thanks Delhi Sikhs for gurdwara poll win

With his party Wednesday moving to get a clear majority in the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) election, Shiromani Akali Dal (Badal) president Sukhbir Singh Badal thanked the Sikh community in the capital.

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SAD-Badal heads for a major victory in Delhi Gurdwara elections, Sarna accepts defeat

Ward: 36: SAD-Badal Candidate Prabhjit Singh wins

Ward: 16: Amarjit Singh wins

Ward 27: Ravinder Khurana wins

Ward 45: Inderjit Singh Monty wins

Ward 37: Bhajan Singh Walia of SAD-Delhi wins

Ward 38: Samardeep Singh of SAD-Badal wins

Ward 15: Gurmeet Singh Meeta from Ward 15 wins

Gurmeet Singh from Ward 15 wins

Bhajan Singh Walia of SAD-Delhi wins

Tajinder Bhatia from Ward 22

Tanwant Singh from Ward 23 wins

Ward 8: SAD-Badal candidate Manjit Singh GK wins unopposed

Ward 20: Chaman Singh Shahpura of SAD-Badal wins

Ward 29: Manmohan Singh of SAD-Badal wins

Ward No: 5: Dr. Daljit Kaur of SAD-Badal wins

Jasveer Singh Jassi of SAD-Badal wins

Avtar Singh Hit  of SAD-Badal wins from ward Number 42

Ward No 14: Paramjit Singh Chandook of SAD-Badal wins

SAD-Badal all set to sweep Delhi elections, Never dream of these results, Says Sarna

Badal party leads on 32 seats out of 45. Manjinder Singh Sirsa of SAD-Badal defeats Paramjit Singh Sarna
Satpal Singh of SAD-Badal defeats Surinder Singh from Tri Nagar.


SAD-Badal sets to win Delhi Gurdwara Elections

Manjinder Singh Sirsa of SAD-Badal defeats Paramjit Singh Sarna

Tilak Nagar: SAD-Badal dominates on all seats

Ward 12: Satnam Singh Aulakh of SAD Badal wins

Paramjit Singh Sarna lost election from Punjabi Bagh, Youth Akali Dal Badal leader Bikramjit Singh Majithia was in-charge of this ward

Sarna group members: Tarlochan Singh Mahtroo, Jatinder Singh Sahni, Bhajan Singh Walia, Tejinder Singh Bhatia leading from their wards

SAD Badal candidates

Ward No 40: Gurmeet Singh Shanty leads with  583 votes

Ward No 34: Inderpreet Singh is leading with 190 votes

Ward No 33: Gurdev Singh Bhola leads with 600 votes

Ward No 28: Kulwant Singh Bath leads with 399 votes

Ward No 23:  Tanwant Singh leads with 119 votes

Chaman Singh leads with 966 votes

Ward 19: Gurbax Singh Mattu leads with 75 votes

Ward No 15: Kultaran Singh leads with 400 votes

Ward No 11: Onkar Singh Thapar, leads with 450 votes

Ward No. 8: Manjit Singh GK leads with 919 votes

SAD-Badal candidate Gurlad Singh Kahlon, ward no 13, leading with 480 votes

Amarjit Singh Pappu of SAD-Badal group leading with 485 votes on ward number 16

Ward 35: Jasbir Singh Jassi leading with 431 votes


Out of 40 seats, SAD-Badal leads on 31 seats

SAD trouble shooter Bikramjit Singh Majithia Played a key role in Delhi Gurdwara elections

Vikas puri: SAD Badal Candidate leading

Janakpuri: SAD-Delhi leading

SAD-Badal leading in Delhi Polls elections: Paramjit Singh Sarna trails

Ward 42,35: SAD-Badal leading with heavy margins..

Ward 45: Jagdev Singh SAD delhi leading

Ward 36: Kulmohan Singh SAD Badal leading

Manjit Singh GK leading

Paramjit Singh Sarna trails

+Ward 28: Kulwant Singh of SAD-Badal leding

Harvinder Singh Ward 46, leading

Tarlochan Singh of SAD-Delhi leading with 158 votes

Satpal Singh of SAD-Badal leads

Ward 13, 38: SAD Delhi candidate leading

Chaman Singh of SAD BAdal leading

Ward 22: Tejinder Singh of SAD Delhi leading

Ward 28 : SAD Badal leading by 180 votes

Avtar Singh of SAD Badal leading

Ward No 13: SAD Badal leading with 300 votes

Ward 35, 42, 27, 11 and 16 : SAD Badal leading

Ward 38 SAD Badal leading with 380 votes

Chaman Singh of SAD Badal leading

Sarna vs Badal: SAD-Badal is leading in Delhi Gurdwara elections

Ward 36: SAD Badal candidate Kulmohan Singh leading

Jatinder Singh Sahni leading

Ward No 8: SAD Badal candidate Manjit Singh leading

Ward No 15: SAD Delhi Candidate leading by 400 votes

Ward No 16: SAD Badal leading by 490 votes

Ward No 11: SAD Badal candidate Onkar Singh Thapar leading by 500 votes

Ward No 3: DElhi candidate Shamsher Singh leading


Ward 25: SAD-Badal is leading

Ward 38: SAD-Badal candidate is leading

Counting on: SAD-Badal is leading in Delhi Gurdwara elections

Ward 35: SAD-Badal leading

Ward 33: SAD-Badal leads with 180 votes

Ward No 22: tejinder Singh leading

Ward 11 and 16: SAD-Badal leads

Ward No 28: SAD Badal leading

Ward 8: Manjit Singh of SAD Badal leading

Ward 7: Jatinder Singh Sahini leading

Subhash Nagar: SAD- Delhi leading

Ward 28: Sad-Badal leading

Ward 16: SAD Badal leading

Preet Vihar: SAD Delhi leads

Shamsher Singh Sandhu ward 3, leading

Avtar Singh ward 42 leading

Ward no 15: SAD-Delhi leading by 500 votes

Sukhbir Badal magic working, SAD-Badal leads in Delhi Gurdwara polls

Harvinder Singh SAD-Badal leading

Kulwant Singh Ward 28 SAD Badal leading

Paramjit Singh Sarna leading with 99 votes

Ward 22, Tajinder singh SAD – Delhi leading

Ward 7: Jatinder Singh

Ward 3:

Subhash Nagar: SAD Delhi leading

Ward 6: Tarlochan Singh leading

48; SAD Badal leading

Kulwant Singh leading

Latest update; SAD- Badal is  leading in Delhi Gurdwara elections

Ward 16, SAD- Badal candidate leads with 490 votes

Ward Number 15, SAD – Delhi leads

SAD-Badal Leading in Delhi Gurdwara Elections

Ward number 42, SAD-Badal leads with 600 votes

Wazirpur: SAD-Badal Candidate Ravinder leads with 700 votes

Ward Number 15 – SAD-Delhi Candidate leading by 400 votes

Ukaar Singh Thaper leading in Ward number 11

Sarna group leading on two seats

SAD- Badal candidate Amarjit Singh Pappu leading on ward number 16

ward number 35 candidate Jasbir Singh Jassi leading

SAD-Badal candidates leading on three seats

One seat is with SAD-Badal

tough fight on 44 seats

Sarna group wins first seat

Picture will be clear around 12 pm

Still not much updates, as media is not allowed inside

around 42 percent polling in elections

265 total candidates

We will win the election, says Paramjit Singh Sarna

Counting started for delhi gurdwara committee elections at 8:00 a.m.


The results of the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) elections will be announced tomorrow. Nearly 42 per cent of the 4.75 lakh registered voters turned up for the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee elections over the weekend. 

Youth Akali Dal (YAD) leader Bikramjit Singh Majithia said the party is sure of winning at least 35 seats.

The SAD, has made the elections a prestige issue as control over the religious body would be a step towards fielding its own candidates in the next assembly elections and eventually becoming a part of the BJP-led Delhi Government in case of a victory.


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    Well SAD Badal. Now we have to perform and deliver.

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    well done sad badal .sat guru ji kirpa karn

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    Well Done SAD -Badal Group- Special Mubarka to – Shri : Onkar Singh Thapar -Ward No 11

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